GeoFencing Why use Device ID?

GeoFencing. When a device enters a specific location, geofencing activates an action. Businesses are coming up with innovative ways to use these virtual boundaries, such as coupons, notifications, engagement features, and security alerts.

Our proprietary Device ID technology goes beyond simple geo-fencing to target specific devices and measure results with real attribution and ROI.

Unlike other providers who use radius or assumptive data and targeting, our technology ensures one-to-one device tracking. Therefore providing real statistical data.

Mobile marketing has increased smoothly with increasing mobile telephone use (the world’s penetration is expected to reach 63.4 per cent by the end of 2019).

In recent times, marketers have made the most of their geofencing capabilities, an extremely powerful way of exploiting the power of marketing location-based.

While geofencing is not a new concept, nor just mobile (more about that later), its popularity has grown with the growth of smartphone users. (The number of smartphone users is estimated to be in excess of 5 billion today.)


When a mobile device or RFID tag enters or exits a virtual geographic boundary, known as a geofence. Additionally, an app or other software program uses radio frequency identification (RFID), Wi-Fi, GPS. Or cellular data to trigger a targeted marketing action (such as a text, email, social media advertisement, or app notification).

When a young woman approaches near a Sephora store in the mall, she receives an app notice that says, “Today only! “Buy one lipstick and get one free!”

You can use GPS, Bluetooth, and beacons to track a customer’s location, and there are three ways to use this technology to target customers:


Location Targeting Options:
  • Our team will hand-draw a polygon around your desired location(s), pulling devices seen as recently as 3 days ago and as far back as one year.
  • Quick-Select Option: Our team can pull devices from a quick-select category of business, which gathers device IDs from ‘all coffee shops’ as an example.

We can provide an Audience Insight Report for location targeting using our Device ID technology. Because we make use of Geofencing

These reports provide us with basic geographic information about the consumer, as well as visitor frequency, household income, and much more.

Your client can now determine whether the target audience is desirable and use that information to run a programmatic display campaign.

Foot Traffic Attribution Reports with Device ID are also available;

And counted as visitors attributed to the campaign. Talk about incredible ROI!

AdCellerant has partnered with SEO Digital Marketing!

What does AdCellerant have to offer? AdCellerant is a multi-award winning technology and digital marketing firm. Therefore, dedicated to bringing Madison Avenue-level digital marketing solutions to Main Street businesses.

AdCellerant has developed a proprietary comprehensive digital agency software solution to assist our partners in scaling sales. Operations, and reporting all within a single toolkit. However, gaining real usage

We have team of 95 persons working tirelessly.

Our award-winning operations process, manage, and optimize all campaigns.

  • Pinpointed targeting – our technology ensures you are reaching relevant devices whether you use location, ZIP Code or other targeting methods.
  • Foot Traffic Attribution Reports can be provided, to show the devices that were in your target.
  • Transparent results are available in our live dashboard, including what websites your ads served.
  • Robust data elements – our dashboard can show which ads are garnering the most engagement and clicks.
  • Campaign optimization – our campaign managers are incentivized to hit key KPIs like foot traffic and click-thru rates. This ensures a real human is paying attention to your campaign performance.



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