What is Content Marketing?

The basic purpose of Content marketing is to build a relationship and solve problems, but formally we can describe content marketing as:

A marketing technique focused on creating, publishing and distributing content that educates, inspires and entertains the target audience.

Content Marketing is pretty different from traditional marketing; it includes articles, blogs, videos, ebooks, webinars, etc. These solve a specific problem by giving solutions that the audience will not get elsewhere. In the modern era, content marketing can be proliferating for a business. Moreover, it helps establish yourself as a credible seller, strengthening your brand and customer relationship.

What is Content Marketing Agency

Content Marketing Agency provides content-related services to businesses to improve their online attendance. They can market products through every means like blogs, videos, images etc.

Agencies also provide support and consultancy about content marketing.

What does Content Marketing Agency do?

The job of a content marketing agency is pretty self-explanatory, but if you want to learn more, here are the tasks that an agency performs when working with you.

Lead Generation

Content Marketing increases the demand of a business. They produce catchy content to seek attention which result generate lead.

Provide Digital Experience

Many companies are old and aren’t familiar with digital marketing and the Internet. So, marketing agencies teach them about digital marketing and SEO.

Managing Customer Preference

Customers are constantly changing their preferences, and new customers also have their own. So, it’s their responsibility to understand the taste of different customers and create content according to their liking.

Managing Content Flow in content marketing

If the company does not have the proper software and resources to manage the content flow, then the agencies manage the content. They upload content periodically and ensure a streamlined flow of content.  

Content Marketing Agency – Services

Agencies provide many different services like link building, search engine marketing, email outreach, re-Targeting etc. The services can vary depending on the type of agency.

Below are the basic services that every content marketing agency provides.


The basic and the most important service is SEO; it plays a significant role in engaging new customers, brand awareness and lead generation.

SEO stands for search engine optimization; in this, the experts use different techniques to bring your website to the top ten websites on search engines. Without SEO, there is a big chance that no one ever gets to know about your website.

Website Strategy

Website strategy is essential because an improper website will damage the SEO and credibility of the website.

Content Marketing Agencies will make strategies to improve headings, tags, load speed, links that are valuable for your website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the best mean of marketing in the modern era. There are over 3 billion social media users, and increasing day by day. That’s why social media marketing is crucial and can engage quite an audience to your website.

Content Generation and Optimization

They generate the basic thing the content. Content can be in any form; it can be a blog or article, a video or social media post. Then they optimize the content on social media and search engine.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a profitable type of marketing. In this, you will affiliate your website with sellers like Amazon, eBay, Ali Express etc. and then with every order, you can earn a commission.

How to get the most from Content Marketing

Perfectly done content marketing can steer your brand towards success. The wrong one can cause some harm, but most of the time, it’s harmless and a waste of time and money.

To get it right, we use a content marketing strategy; the strategy will define how you can get the most out of content marketing and how it can profit your brand.

You must do these three things before getting started with content marketing.

Know your Customers in content marketing

Whom are you creating content for? The Customer. So, the first thing is to understand your customer base; who they are? What are they struggling with? from where they are? What they do? Etc.

You need to thoroughly learn how they think, what they like before you begin creating content. This step is crucial because it will help you create ideal content according to its taste and problems.

What are they looking for?

In this step, you will develop a roadmap, how you will create your content and in what manners. You will follow the customer steps to learn why would they buy your products and how they can benefit them in their daily life.

This step helps you assemble a list of content that can attract more customers and solve the problems of existing customers.

How to Say it

In this step, you will determine how are you going to express your content. There are three common ways to express them.

  • Words
  • Voice
  • Visuals

 First, you can write articles and blogs to define your products and how you can use them. You can solve commonly made mistakes by writing about them on your website.

Second, you can make podcasts or audios on different platforms like Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud etc.

Last, there are visuals; it can be images or videos. You can upload them on many social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and your website. This is the best way of content marketing and plays a great role.

Content Marketing Examples

Market and websites are packed with success stories achieved by rightly implementing the content marketing strategies. We have seen many campaign, brands and blogs rising to the top. Because of their successful content marketing.

Here are some examples of successful content marketing examples.

Coke “Share a Coke” Campaign

Share a Coke was one of the most successful campaigns by Coca-Cola; they practised this in many countries like Pakistan and Australia. In this, they took popular names and wrote them on the side of the bottle.

The well went mental, and everybody was talking about Coke. The sales went crazy, and with minimal investment, they earned a lot.


Charmin used humorous ads for their Sit or Squat app. The app helps people find clean bathroom; the app is practical, and the TV ads brought 100k downloads.


Superdrug uses both social media and words for marketing. They picked 18 graphic designers from around the world and asked them to edit plus size models according to their country beauty norms.

The study got over 3 million views on the website and over a million social media shares.


Hubspot is the best example of successful blogging content marketing. They wrote in-depth blog posts about the visitors’ issues and added upgrading content like ebooks.

The educational blogs are bringing over 321k visitors every month.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is getting popular; it has a significant role in the success of many businesses, campaigns and products. Blogs like Buffer has attracted many new users and made fans by using a three-pronged marketing strategy.

Moreover, we have big companies like Coca-Cola using content marketing for their “Share a Coke” campaign, in which they added popular names on the stickers of Coca-Cola. The campaign was successful, and there was a considerable increase in sales.

Here are 4 Benefits of a Content Marketing.

Brand Awareness

The primary motive of content marketing is to make your brand visible, making people aware of the brand. Consistent, knowledgeable, and helpful content builds trust and makes your brand and products familiar.

Customer/User Engagement

It gives you an opportunity to interact with your audience. Publishing content and replying to the comments create a connection between you and the customer.

Problem Solving

You can solve customer’s problem that they are having with the products. You can demonstrate the solutions with your words or by visuals.

Attracting new Customers

Engaging content can play a significant role in attracting a new audience which can be turned into customers.