Text Messaging Campaigns

Text Messaging Campaigns

SEO Digital Marketers has text automation software that enables organizations to text for business. It comes loaded with all the tools you need like mass texting to send to hundreds of customers and mobile keywords to help opt them into your campaigns.

But mass texting alone, especially when sending messages that aren’t relevant to the recipient, won’t give you the results you need. We offer more than simple texting features, enabling you to accurately target every message you send. Their software will even carry out entire campaigns for you, so you can engage customers, employees, and members without adding more work to your plate.

  • Texting: Send text messages through our easy-to-use online software.
  • Complete Feature Set: Trumpia comes with the most complete set of features like 2-way texting, mobile keywords, and appointment reminders.
  • Smart Targeting: Automatically learn more about contacts, and use the collected data to send only relevant messages.
  • Automated Workflows: Run the software on autopilot, dynamically interacting with your subscribers without needing you to intervene manually or ever write a line of code.
  • Service: Get exceptional service included like 365-day support with an average response in under 9 minutes during business hours.
What Is Text Messaging Campaign? What Are The Benefits And Tips For Effective SMS Marketing?

As a digital marketer or a business owner, you are continuously looking for ways to promote your brand and products. Lead generation channels like email, social media advertising, Google Ads, and blogs are used to connect with customers. However, in this article, we will discuss how text messaging campaigns can connect you with a receptive audience.

 What Is Text Messaging Campaign?

Text Messaging Campaigns or SMS Marketing is the act of sending an informational message to a large group usually for marketing.

SMS campaigns are powerful, quicker and easily used to send essential information about sales, promotions, special deals, coupons, and making special announcements to a larger group of customers by sending a short message on their mobile devices.

 Why You Should Be Using SMS Marketing

Before going into details, let’s check out the mind-blowing potential of SMS statistics.

  • Almost 5 billion people have mobile phones to receive text messages.
  • More than 3.8 billion people are using smartphones in 2021.
  • SMS open rate is 98%.
  • Within the first five minutes of receiving a message, 90% of texts are read.
  • Customers who want to receive offers are 75%.
  • Offer messages have the highest CTR of 9.18%

 Benefits Of Text Messaging Campaign

A permission-based text messaging that is used to facilitate a huge amount of audience is being considered a hyper-efficient tool of marketing. Let’s discuss the few benefits of a text messaging campaign in detail.

Best Engagement Rate

SMS marketing caters better attention than any other digital marketing channel. It offers a better engagement rate with a higher ROI.

SMS campaigns offer the highest reach as there is no internet requirement for receiving messages. It has the highest open rate even better than the emails.

 Interactive Content

SMS marketing allows you to receive quick feedback by including a link to a landing page or by adding a reply button. In this way, customers can use the link to visit your website which increases the customer interaction with the brand.


Normally these messages are sent by using computers and the link used in the message is traceable. So like other platforms, this is also a trackable service, and the performance of the campaign can be measured easily. The outcome of such campaigns can help to redefine future marketing strategies.

SMS Marketing, if properly incorporated into your CRM, permits you to compute the real-time performance of your text messaging campaigns — even mass texting can be tracked with proficiency.

Immediate Message Delivery

One of the best advantages is the prompt delivery and the customer gets the message in real-time. The slightest message tone grabs the attention and users instantly check the phone that creates the opportunity for the businesses to use this tool.


SMS marketing campaigns are usually are more cost-effective as compared to other marketing campaigns like social media campaigns or Google Ads. The affordability factor makes it a better choice for small businesses especially the business that are just starting or who want wanted to start without spending too much in the beginning.

Wider Demographic

Almost 70% of the world’s population use mobile phones which creates an opportunity to deliver the message to a wider audience. Customers from any part of the world now can receive messages on their phones which offers more exposure of your brand to a larger audience.

 Highly Targeted

When you get permission from the customer to get notifications on their mobile phones, you get an opportunity to directly engage with him through the phone. SMS marketing has the aptitude to go without delay to the customer to be read immediately, giving them a precise, to the point offer and a clear call to action to do business with your company.

 Works With Other Types of Marketing

As it is one of the easy quickest ways to connect with your customers. It is very helpful for announcing flash sales. Nowadays, the utilization of SMS marketing has increased in eCommerce businesses, to inform customers about the delivery and order details. You can use it alongside all of the other ways you are marketing your business.

 Flexible and Customizable

It provides a versatile solution to both small and large businesses. You can announce flash sales, share news, offer discounts, and share coupons. People love to redeem coupons received on mobile phones which is a very popular way to promote products and offers easy tracking as well.

After analyzing all the benefits of SMS marketing, it creates a realization to use SMS marketing to stand above all of the competitors. It perhaps not as trendy as social media but with little cost and more benefits, there are no reasons not to give it a try.

 Best Practices and Tips for Effective SMS Campaign
 Get Permission

The most trusting way to build a relationship with the customers is to give them chance to opt-in. Inquiring customers whether they need messages from you is a gesture of politeness. It is called permission-based marketing and it’s critical to making text promoting efforts successful. You must be compliant with the local laws and recommendations.

You can ask customers for SMS subscriptions in the following ways:

  • Register customers at your brick-and-mortar store
  • Adding mobile number signup to your online checkout
  • Offer subscription on your website
 Use The Right Time

It is important to select the right time to send SMS to customers. If you select the wrong time to send the message, it may irritate them and leads to unsubscribe. Do not disturb at late night or during bedtime. For a restaurant business, it is important to send time before lunchtime or dinner time so the customer can utilize the option instantly. So it is essential to realize the role of timing before sending a text message. Think about when users are most likely to take action and as a marketer, you should try your best to get them with your message.

Make A Smart And Targeted Copy

For sending messages to customers, always try to follow a specific structure that should be as efficient as possible. Explain your proposal at the start of the content and afterward use CTA at the end of the text. Always attempt to offer that value deal which is not easy for the customer to reject.

Be Clever, Concise, And Compliant.

While using SMS as your digital marketing tool try to send an appealing, clever, engaging, and concise message. Always use this marketing tool to get full benefits out of it with an offer they can’t refuse. If it’s done in the right way, you will get a higher attention level from the customer. Never use too many messages that can annoy him. If the message is unrelated, it’s boring. If it’s boring, it’s annoying and nobody likes to be annoyed so make sure to make the right proposal, to the right people.

 Offer Exclusive Deals

If a customer receives the same message on the phone and email, then it does not make any sense. Always use SMS campaigns with different offers, it will help to improve results.

So offer exclusive deals to surprise your regular customers. It can be used in the following ways:

  • Enjoy 10% off by showing this message
  • Get $10 off on Sunday when buying through this link
Add A Time-Sensitive Element

Customers mostly take action when an offer is going to expire, so it’s better to add time sensitivity to the campaign. Offer them a valuable discount which expires soon, this will activate their interest. Urgency messaging is an influential marketing tool, particularly when joined with exclusive or time-sensitive promotions. This approach can compel users closer to purchase at quicker rates and keep the offer front-of-mind as visitors go onboard on the shopping journey.

Use Strong CTA

When using SMS marketing, always use a strong call to action which should be clear. There should be a particular incentive that compels customers to complete a transaction at the store. If your message includes a link and you incorporated it to give chance to purchase by clicking on it, in this situation using the word BUY sends a clear message.

So you can say that it’s the CTA that is responsible for the success or failure of the text campaign.


If your software allows you to send a personalized message, it will have a positive effect and will improve the conversion rate as well. If you have such data and proper software support, put it into practice. Personalization helps to maintain effective communication with a specific group of customers. If you are increasing your reach on an international level, for example, translating messages will help you contact specific demographics better.

 Measure Your Campaign

If you have the right SMS solution support, your SMS campaign can offer a measurable, and trackable marketing channel. It will help you to spot which campaigns are receiving more engagement from the customers. It allows to evaluate the current message and provides a better ability to make possible changes in future campaigns. The best part is you can capture leads and all text replies and inquiries for sales follow-up and to use on other marketing channels.

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