Everything about website development

What is website development

Website development is a process that uses programming languages and other technologies to develop websites for different purposes. Moreover, The website development process may involve designing, programming, testing and deploying the website to the server. For any website to be complete or valid in its content, there should be a base to express its contents.

Common Stages for every website development

Every website formation process is different. However, these are typical stages that form part of any web development process.

The initial stage

This stage involves planning and designing the site’s key elements, including what it will contain and its layout.

The next phase

includes programming, which involves writing up the website’s code based on the specifications in the design phase. The next stage is testing, where quality assurance is done to ensure no errors or issues with its content. Finally, after testing it has passed all tests publishing of the site begins. Furthermore, this steps is critical as well to undergo last stage

Last stage

This stage involves deploying it on a server and allowing public access to its contents. Once the website has been published, new content can be added to it through editing. This involves updating existing elements of the site or adding entirely new features. Furthermore, The process is done with feedback from its users, who provide their opinions on how the site could be improved.

Website development company

A website development company is a company that has expertise in designing and building websites for businesses of all sizes. This includes the design work and coding, search engine optimization (SEO), back-end programming, e-commerce integration, or other features as required by a client or projects.
Services of Website Development companies
Website development companies typically specialize in one or two areas of website development, but this often relies on both the size and structure of the company. For example, a small company might do all phases of development. At the same time, a more prominent firm might specialize in design, back-end integration or other aspects.

Website development companies set up either agency businesses (i.e., they sell their services to clients, sometimes referred to as “to clients”) or as consultancy businesses (i.e., they provide ancillary support such as maintenance and development work to other agencies).

Development companies operating under the consultancy model often offer a full range of related services, including design, marketing and hosting. As a result, the most successful consultancy websites will be those development companies that may provide additional services, including online marketing, search engine optimization, hosting & support and web analytics. A website company typically charges an hourly rate for work performed or projects completes bills for clients monthly or quarterly.

A company specializing in only one aspect of website development, such as design or programming, is often called a boutique web developer. Moreover, Website Development Company provides all types of services for building or designing custom made websites.
It is a type of company that consists mainly of designers, programmers, and other professionals who build websites within the client’s specifications. And provide hosting to ensure that web users can access the site.

Everything you need to know about E-commerce website

E-commerce is an online website/platform that allows the buying and selling of goods or services over the Internet. An e-commerce business sells products or services using an electronic channel like websites, social platforms and others to communicate with customers. The classic example of this would be purchased through online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal, etc. In addition, selling on eBay or starting your e-commerce website is also considered part of e-commerce. The E-commerce website is a particular website, which marketers, sellers and traders use to communicate with customers and sell their products.

Types of E-commerce websites

Single brand website

Single brand websites sell the products of a single business and person. This type is critical for beginners who want to embark on an online store. Patagonia is the best example to comprehend this type. If you visit Patagonia, you will find only Patagonia products there.

Online retailers

Large retailers use this type extensively. They sell a variety of products by setting up giant online shops. For example, At Dick’s Sporting Goods, you can buy everything related to sports regardless of the brand’s title. Almost every brand’s goods are available there.

Affiliate Websites

An affiliate website is a platform where individuals sell another brand’s products on their website. And collect a commission in the exchange of transactions. An affiliate website is an excellent method to earn. However, one must have a good proportion of followers for this on their websites.


The marketplace is another online selling platform. Individuals enlist products for sale on this platform.
The Amazon platform is one of the best examples of marketplaces.

E-commerce Website Development

E-commerce website development is an application development process that sets up, hosts, and maintains electronic stores on the Internet. The client (e-retailer) can gauge market trends, change products or services, accept credit card payments, etc. This virtual storefront-commerce website development is a specific web development that deals with designing, coding, and online marketing of e-commerce websites.

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Types of E, commerce companies (business models)

E-commerce companies make up four significant categories. The types vary according to their functionality.

Business to Business(B2B)

The name itself gives us an understanding that the category does business with other companies. It means companies sell their products to other companies which market them ahead. One of the glaring examples to understand this type is software companies. The company sells their software to companies. And these companies use them to boost and facilitate business. In this, companies attain phenomenal leads in business.

Business to Customer(B2C)

In this type, a business sells its products to customers using either online platforms or mobile devices. These companies need direct contact with customers. Customers interact, visit and tour online shops to make sales. Lots of companies fall in this category, but incredibly reputed are Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. It is vital to know that the Business to Customer model can operate by stores as well. For example, Large fashion retailers do sell by erecting physical malls.

Customer to Customer(C2C)

The customer-to-customer business model is considered when a customer makes/sells their products to another customer. Customers can utilize any online platform to sell their commodities to other customers. For example, most customers sell their products by using Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Furthermore, They can set up online stores to do business with customers.

Customers to Business(C2B)

This type emerges when customers sell their services/products to a business company. Freelancing services, social media influencers and a business consultant are the best examples to comprehend this category.

What is custom website development?

Custom website design is a good choice for businesses that do not want to use the same old template websites. A classic website can be plain, outdated and boring. If you are looking for an alteration in your company web page, look no further than custom web development. As opposed to ready-made out of box templates, there is no more straightforward way to have a genuinely unique. And a custom-designed website tailored to your company’s needs. This site offers various layout design options, but you cannot customize the colors scheme or add completely new sections.

When you create a custom website, there is no pre-set number of pages and sections. Custom websites offer an individual approach, which will bring you to benefit and create a unique impression on the website visitors. In addition to your homepage, you can embed as many content pages as necessary. The appearance of every section and page is unique and distinct from others and completely stylized for different users’ devices (smartphones, tablets, or laptops).

Why custom websites are preferred?

Most websites are created using templates. The problem is the lack of functionality since you cannot add or remove specific elements, images or content blocks. Custom website development offers total freedom when defining the appearance and functionality, just like building your website from scratch in HTML/CSS language. However, custom website design is done in advance by professional web designers familiar with current trends and technologies. One can add to your website. A custom design offers an individual approach, which brings benefits and creates a unique experience for the users.
Apart from the homepage, you can embed as many content blocks on any other web page. So every section and page looks distinctively different in terms of colors, design or layout. It is an excellent solution for businesses that stand out from a crowd and do not want their website to be an exact copy of every other business out there.