Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a pivotal part of every successful business. It is the process of getting people interested in your products and services. Marketing involves researching, promoting, selling and distributing products and services. Moreover, the marketers study the market and consumer behavior in order to attract, gain and retain the customers organically.

Marketing is very important for a business because, without marketing, the chances of growth are minimal. But marketing without a direction is pointless, so make sure that you have a complete plan to market your business.

Marketing strategy is defined as the plan to reach potential customers and turning them into loyal customers. A digital marketing strategy has to be appropriately designed because the right marketing strategy greatly affects sales. A thorough marketing strategy will cover the essential four Ps, Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Importance of Marketing Strategy

Many businesses underestimate the importance of marketing strategy. But it is very useful; it’s like having a road map or a cheat sheet. The marketing strategy will enlighten the way towards success; it will help you achieve your goals.

A durable marketing strategy will have some great advantages for the company.

  • It will boost sales.
  • Ensure the sustainable growth of the company.
  • Help you understand the customer’s preferences.
  • It will keep you on a budget and exceeds the customer’s expectations.
  • It will solidify your relationship with your customers.

Characteristics of a Successful Marketing Strategy

Designing and implementing a digital marketing strategy successfully is the most challenging task for a marketer because failing is the greatest threat. Fulfilling the company’s needs and properly marketing the product are the key aspects of a marketing strategy.

Here are some characteristics of a successful marketing strategy.

Knowing your Target Market and Audience

How can you successfully plan and execute it if you don’t know whom you are creating the marketing strategy for? You will be shooting blindly in the air. So, it’s better to understand your target audience and market.

Knowing your audience will help you understand their taste and choices, and you will be able to design a better digital marketing strategy. Similarly, understanding the market will save you from failure because you will understand the risks and demographics of the market.

Competitors Analysis

Knowing your customer and market is great, but it is absolutely vital to analyze your competitors thoroughly. Studying the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses will help you understand how you are better than them and how you are unique from your competitors. You can also follow their marketing strategies and campaigns.

Measurable and Scalable

Every marketing strategy must have some factors to measure the success or failure of the marketing campaign. Having metrics like traffic, ROI, website bounce rate can help you measure your success.

Moreover, a digital marketing strategy must be flexible. You must be able to make changes in case of sudden deviation in the market.

Creative and Innovative

Be creative with your strategy, think out of the box and bring out unique ideas. Create strategies that will set you apart from your competitors and ensure a lasting impression on customers.

Lastly, don’t be afraid of taking risks, trying new things and constantly searching for new ideas, asking for feedback, and ensuring that strategy will help you meet your objectives.

Profitable Amazon Marketing Strategies

Amazon is the most famed e-commerce platform in the world; 63% of online shoppers use Amazon. But a huge number of products with diverse prices, shipping options and discounts will press your products down.

In short, Amazon is the heavyweight fighter, so, admit it or not, you need a solid amazon marketing strategy to survive in this diverse market.

Here are the most profitable marketing strategies for Amazon.

Develop a Review Strategy

Reviews are quite important many people makes their decision after reading reviews and rating of the product. According to research, most of the customers don’t buy products with less than a 3.3-star rating. Amazon respects the customer reviews, and positively reviewed products are ranked higher and create more revenue.

Here’s how you can drive customers to leave a positive review.

  • Send a thanks note with the product and request a review.
  • Send a follow-up review and ask them to leave a review.

Moreover, amazon allows the seller to respond to the reviews. It’s a handy way to interact with the customers and express gratitude.

Apply Proper SEO Strategy to Product Page

Amazon is not only an e-commerce store; the number of products makes it a search engine. Amazon’s search engine is called A9. It has its own algorithm, SEO rules and keywords through which it ranks the products. A9 is pretty similar to Google because searchers are the top priority.

This feature is great for buyers but not for the seller. When optimising your content, you will keep three things in mind: Discoverability, Relevance and Sales, which means you want your shoppers to see, click and buy your products.

Use Amazon Affiliate Marketing Strategy

It’s another good way to increase sales, you will pay a small fee to the affiliate site, and in return, they will mention or publish your products. If the reader clicks and buys the product, then it’s a profitable investment. It will drive sales, and you will get positive reviews which will enhance your ranking as well.

Tips to Enhance your Amazon Rankings

Improving the Amazon ranking is a top concern of Amazon Marketing Strategy. Following tips that will assist you to enhance your Amazon Rankings

  • Competitive Pricing

Price of the product is a crucial factor that Amazon consider for rankings. Generally, lower prices will have better rankings. But it doesn’t mean that you will increase the delivery charges to lower the product prices; the algorithm doesn’t work like that. Some owners use re-pricer software to generate a competitive price of the product automatically.

  • Maintain Positive Reviews

A positive review is the most powerful driving force towards top rankings. Positive reviews mean you are delivering quality products and keeping the customers happy. You can increase positive reviews by using a fast and efficient shipping method, keep the inventory stocked and display actual numbers on the product page; lastly, respond to negative reviews and try to solve as much as you can.

  • Provide a Thorough Product Information

Keep things as clear as possible when creating the product page. Mention all the necessary information like product type, material, product line, brand description etc. Also, categorize your product by adding the main category and adding the product in multiple subcategories to be more specific.

Why should you use Facebook Marketing?

Facebook has become a large space for business owners; over 90 million businesses are connected to Facebook. Around 2 billion users visit Facebook every day, which increase the importance of Facebook marketing.

It shows that businesses are actively getting connected to social media so, you must build your presence using Facebook marketing strategy.

How to Build a Facebook Marketing Strategy

You can build a successful Facebook Marketing Strategy in six easy steps.

  1. Set Goals

The first step of every marketing strategy is to set goals; what are you trying to achieve from your Facebook marketing strategy? Like you want to increase web traffic, build brand awareness or gain leads from Facebook.

Once the goals are set, you can adjust your marketing strategy.

  1. Identify your Target Audience

It is essential because it’s useless if the ads are not reaching the right audience. Suppose your services are for gamers while your ads are mostly displayed to grandma and grandpas who don’t have any interest in games.

You can use Facebook Ad Manager to build a custom audience.

  1. Set Budget

Social media networks are very money motivated; as long as you put money, they will display your ads to your target audience; otherwise, they don’t even know you. Facebook marketing comprises ads, lead generation ads, posts and content creation.

  1. Plan Compelling Content

In this, you will plan the content that you are going to post on your Facebook posts. We recommend you plan at least 20 days’ worth of posts before posting the first one.

  1. Plan Compelling Ads

Same strategy for this step as for the last one. Make sure that the videos and images are of high quality and convey the message without the sound. Moreover, make sure the images are according to Facebook’s requirements.

  1. Monitor and A/B Split Testing

Monitor your posts and ads daily, respond to the comments and messages. Moreover, ensure that the content is posted regularly.

Now, the Facebook marketing strategy is in action; then, it’s time to optimize your content continuously.

A/B split testing is a fine method to compare variations. The testing will allow you to track which day and time is the best to post and which type of content the audience likes.